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As critical components of America's energy future, bulk electricity storage technologies such as compressed air energy storage (CAES), pumped hydroelectric, and large-scale battery and flywheel installations, play a necessary and vital role in bringing more renewable energy to more people more of the time. Bulk storage also helps to secure the reliability of our nation's electricity grid and optimize the use of existing transmission assets. CAREBS promotes energy storage and provides a policy voice for the energy storage community.
CAREBS Resources

About CAREBS-An Introduction

Current Six-Month Progress Report

2011 Strategic Objectives

ISEP Economics Study Summary

King & Spalding

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Position Paper

NYISO White Paper

CAREBS's Response to FERC NOI on Third Party Provision of Ancillary Services

Proposal for Publication of Amendments to S25.192 and S25.501 - TEXAS PUC

Texas Bill HB1421

California Assembly Bill No. 2514

S.1845 - Storage 2011 Act - Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

HR 4096 - energy investment credit for energy storage property connected to the grid ... - Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) & Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY)

Ohio Senate Bill 221 | PUC doc.

Utah S.B. 104

CAREBS Members
Eagle Crest Energy Company
Haddington Ventures
HDR Engineering
Hydrodynamics Group
Magnum’s Western Energy Hub
Riverbank Power Corp
Tetra Tech

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What's New:
> CAREBS Policy Brief - Balancing Function Framework
CAREBS EUCI Workshop Presentation
> NHA-CAREBS Joint Statement on Order 755
> CAREBS Storage Policy Framework Presentation - Infocast Storage Week
>White Paper on Clean Energy - by Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Lisa Murkowski

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Other Storage Organizations
Texas Energy Storage Alliance | California Energy Storage Alliance | Electricity Storage Association
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Getting Bulk Storage Projects Built: Monetizing the Balancing Function for Electricity Grid Operations
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