This Beverly Hills Surgeon is Providing Amazing Body Contouring Results

Dr. Neavin’s highlights his extensive experience performing Body Lift plastic surgery in his gallery. There you can view patient’s that have used Dr. Neavin’s expert hand in achieving their desired look. His abilities as a board certified physician range from cosmetic procedures to multifaceted plastic surgery, which includes body lift procedures. A body lift procedure […]

San Diego Has Become Home to the Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons

San Diego is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. The scenery is fantastic, the weather could not be better, and looking great year-round is something most residents of San Diego strive. Unlike other cities in the U.S., there is no “off-season.” There aren’t months out of the year where it is […]

Be Prepared

How to Prepare Yourself for Plastic Surgery

It’s the night before your surgery and you can’t sleep. You’re thinking of all the little complications and your anxiety heightens. Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking and requires preparation both physically and mentally. Just like any other surgery, the body goes through significant changes, so it’s important to be ready and take the required […]