This Beverly Hills Surgeon is Providing Amazing Body Contouring Results

Dr. Neavin’s highlights his extensive experience performing Body Lift plastic surgery in his gallery. There you can view patient’s that have used Dr. Neavin’s expert hand in achieving their desired look. His abilities as a board certified physician range from cosmetic procedures to multifaceted plastic surgery, which includes body lift procedures. A body lift procedure is similar to a tummy tuck, but for the whole body (which includes the buttock and thigh).

before and after body lift

Along with providing his patients with first-class plastic surgery, Dr. Neavin has brilliantly established himself in Beverly Hills as a body contouring specialist. His practice is globally recognized and is known as a top plastic surgeon in America and Dubai.

One of the most common surgeries he performs is his body and thigh lift. “As women and men endure physical and mental stress, the body (as a whole), begin to change. The skin sags with age, and there is more fat deposited in their stomach, thigh and butt area,” Dr. Neavin explains. To overcome these typical signs of stress and aging, Dr. Neavin has founded Artisan of Beauty, a full-service Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery practice.

Cover of Beverly Hills TimesDr. Neavin makes sure that every patient that’s interested in a body lift understand what is required of them before their surgery. A body lift is a long and complicated surgery. This type of procedure is considered to be more intricate. Every patient must be physical, emotionally, and nutritionally optimized. It’s critical that every patient receives an authorized ‘yes’ from their primary care physician before this procedure. In some cases, patients who have not been nutritionally optimal for this procedure has received an adverse reaction to their healing process. An increase in body protein is essential for this type of plastic surgery.

Body lift surgery may take up to 6 to 8 hours. In some instances, more than one board certified plastic surgeon will operate on the patient. Because of the amount of work involved for the patient, there must be an extreme attention to detail to ensure quality, long lasting results.
Depending on the patient’s unique body features, body lift surgeries come in many flavors. It ranges depending on the skin’s texture and fat deposits. For someone that needs a thigh lift, the procedures may include the following:

•    Medial Thigh Lift
•    Lateral Thigh Lift

It’s common for patients to undergo a thigh lift surgery after significant weight loss. That is why it’s critical to ensure that the patient meets the nutritional standard before their procedure. The protein level is measured by checking their serum albumin levels. This is great metrics to understand if the patient’s body will be fit for a body lift procedure.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to consider the overall health of the patient. Patients are not allowed to consume nicotine products of any kind. Smoking, patches, and chewing nicotine gum may damage the healing process by constricting your small blood vessels to stiffen and shrivel up. It’s also wise to stay away from people that smoke. Second-hand smoke can play a role in your healing process as well.

Dr. Neavin has performed many quality body lift procedures without any complications. As a top Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, who has performed hundreds of body contouring procedures throughout his nine-year career at Artisan of Beauty; Dr. Neavin has the expertise and experience needed properly to perform complex procedures like body and thigh lift surgery.

San Diego Has Become Home to the Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons

san diegoSan Diego is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. The scenery is fantastic, the weather could not be better, and looking great year-round is something most residents of San Diego strive. Unlike other cities in the U.S., there is no “off-season.” There aren’t months out of the year where it is freezing outside, and you’re able to hide your physique with baggy hoodies and sweaters. When it’s consistently 65 degrees or above, you’ll notice both men and women bare a lot of skin. This is why San Diego, California has become the mecca for plastic surgeons in the United States.

Believe it or not, having the pressure of always looking good can be tough. When you are always looking around and not comfortable in your skin, that’s when problems start to come about. Your self-esteem drops, and you start to pinpoint features in your body that can be improved. Whether it’s losing a few pounds or having a straighter nose, that’s when researching cosmetic surgery beings. Due to the warm climate of San Diego, one major body part that women are always concerned about is their chest. You may be wondering, “What does the hot weather have anything to do with a woman’s breast?” Warm weather and your clothing attire go hand in hand. When you’re in this area, you will notice a lot more people are in their swimsuits and have a bigger bust definitely helps you fill in your swim suit better. Thus, let me introduce you to something called a breast augmentation, the most popular cosmetic procedure of 2015 and 2016.

Plastic surgery has been on the rise over the course of the past ten years. Women are starting to feel more comfortable with getting work done and going under the knife. Whether it’s on their face, body, or even genitalia, women all over the world are searching for qualified surgeons that can deliver the best results. The mistake that always made is that the search will end after they realize the cost to have work done, and quite often women will go overseas and regret their decision after their botched surgery. The aftermath is a nightmare, especially now that you have to find a new surgeon to correct the mess. In turn, instead of saving money, not only do you have to pay up double to fix the mess, now you have to go through two recoveries.

So what is the solution you ask? If you are in need of breast augmentation, Care BS highly recommends that you search for surgeons in San Diego. As I mentioned earlier, California is the mecca for plastic surgeons, and the majority of top rated doctors are found there. If you refine your search and only search in San Diego, you will notice that you can find an affordable board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in the procedure you need.

If you are reading this, please do yourself a favor. Don’t go out there and fly to another country and let someone operate on you without the proper credentials.To find the best plastic surgeon for breast implants in San Diego, go to this website. There, you will see the top breast enlargement surgeon that can perform your boob job at an affordable rate. This way, you can save yourself the nightmare that many other women have faced.

If you are seriously considering plastic surgery, be sure you read our previous blog about preparing yourself for your upcoming procedure. There is a lot that goes into surgery that you may or may not know. It’s important to be ready so that there are no surprises. Of course your doctor can give you as much information as possible, but if there is something he or she has missed, then our post should provide that information.

How to Prepare Yourself for Plastic Surgery

post-imageIt’s the night before your surgery and you can’t sleep. You’re thinking of all the little complications and your anxiety heightens. Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking and requires preparation both physically and mentally. Just like any other surgery, the body goes through significant changes, so it’s important to be ready and take the required precautions to avoid any adversities during the surgery or the healing process.

The preparation process can start as early as three weeks before the surgery date. The mental preparation will help you in familiarizing with any changes that might occur as a result of the process.

One of the ways to have a successful procedure is to schedule it during a time when your body health condition is at its peak. This gives the body’s immune system the best chance to have faster recovery during the healing process. In addition to considering your health, the scheduling of the process can be combined at a time when you have a holiday so as to have additional days to recover post-surgery.

Preparing for plastic surgery should also entail taking a lot of proteins and calories. These are the major healing elements that can be of significant help to you. The increased intake of protein will build new tissue and raise the production of cells to help repair the established wound. Therefore, high protein foods like fish, beans, poultry and legumes are highly advised to be in taken weeks before your surgery date.

When your surgery date approaches, it is important to do away with certain nutritional supplements that could potentially pose a danger in the healing process. Some of the problems that may arise as a result of certain nutrients are excessive bleeding, cardiovascular disturbances and interference with any administered anesthesia. The intake of supplements should be stopped two weeks before the surgery date to avoid the adverse effects.

Your water intake is also vital as you prepare yourself. You should increase your water intake to about eight glasses of water in a day to help in cleansing and hydrating your body. Water intake is essential since any fluid intake is discouraged in the day of surgery. Unless stated otherwise by the surgeon, you should not drink anything after midnight on the day of surgery to avoid complications during the process.

Smoking is strongly prohibited during the surgery period since less oxygen is supplied to the body’s cells. Smoking also increases the chances of complications during the surgery process. Please note that many surgeons are reluctant to perform operations on patients who smoke; the process of healing is slow or impossible if you are a smoker.

It is without a doubt that plastic surgery is a delicate undertaking and needs a lot of care and precautions before one can commit to it. Before deciding that you want to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you should consult a qualified surgeon on the requirements and how your body condition will cope-up with the new changes. This will help you in asking the right questions and answers from an expert. I’m profoundly convinced that once you follow the outlined measures for plastic surgery preparation, you will have a successful surgery.

If you have any questions for me regarding this topic, please visit the contact page and fill out the contact form. Our staff of nurses and doctors love helping, and they will gladly guide you through any questions you may have. If it’s an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest hospital.